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Get All the Benefits with Geier Florist & Greenhouse

A Free Reminder Service

In these busy times it's easy to forget important occasions and appointments. We try to make your life a little easier by letting you register personal, holiday, and business reminders. This interactive feature won't let you forget these important dates.

As a Geier Florist & Greenhouse customer, you:

  • will receive e-mail and/or text reminders for each specified date 
  • may update your reminders at any time
  • will enjoy an automatic renewal of your reminders
  • may sign up for our Forget-Me-Not subscription service and have automatic delivery on the specified dates

A Record of Your Previous Purchases

Compiled for your quick reference, this personal ongoing record of when and to whom each Geier Florist  bouquet or product was sent will allow you to never have to worry about sending the same gift to the same person or will be able to send the specific flowers and arrangements you know they love.

Automatic Entry of Billing and Delivery Information

Talk about convenience; our database stores your billing and delivery information, it's automatically transferred to the order form each time you order. You never have to enter the same person or address twice.